Most Successful Strategic Marketing Campaigns

It’s no new news that one of the most powerful marketing tools in today’s cyber jungle is achieved if social media platforms are being utilized strategically. Today’s most successful marketing campaigns are focused on customer engagement. Statistics show that successful brands connect directly with their consumers and are more likely to create memorable experiences that result in more brand awareness.

The term social media is nothing more than a new way to communicate on a larger scale. It allows for product and service information to be sent to your direct clients at a faster pace.

The internet is filled with social media platforms such as TwitterInstagramFacebook and other fun and time consuming social media channels.

Although the tools are new, the reasons why social sites are so successful are clear. It’s the drive of our most basic instinct of humans; communications. Our main drive to communicate hasn’t changed over the past years – only the way of doing so.


While it is difficult to effectively advertise your brand to all your consumers, it is important to build a strong word of mouth foundation. I’m talking about the shares, likes, and tweets that expose your subliminal message within the posts. Although paid advertisement can have a large impact on consumer decisions, it can lead to more pointless and expensive clicks that result in no real customer interaction.

Since it is no secret that there is no better way than having your product referred by your consumers, it is crucial to create a unique Word-of-Mouth advertisement campaign. Photo booth marketing campaigns can be a fraction of the cost of a social campaign that might not generate the same impact as real customer engagement opportunities.

What better way to boost your online brand awareness than having your customers interact with your products and services. Whatever the message may be, successful marketing comes from interacting directly with your end consumers #AllDayBreakfast. 

Target Market via Instagram. #MoetMoment 

Strategic Marketing you can track
By offering a unique and engaging experience, customers will be more likely to freely share the content with their social network. The combination of the ease of use and enabling consumers to instantly share their custom content allows for more sharing which results in more page views.

Instagram Marketing

#MoetMoment #MultiCameraStation

Remember, smart social media advertisement is achieved by using our oldest and most basic human instincts; the interaction and communication between brand and consumer, the experience of the interaction, and allowing us to share the moment with others.